Photographic Studios & Agencies

Customised Magazines and much more

Our service offers the possibility of creating an entire edition of our magazine, completely dedicated to the buyer's photographic material, articles and interviews. The service is primarily aimed at photographic studios or fashion agencies, who wish to have broad visibility of their projects and work through a highly qualified communication channel.

The creation of the customised magazine edition is carried out in close collaboration with the client, with the aim of creating a product that fully reflects the client's objectives and style. Our team of experienced editors and designers will work closely with the client to select the most appropriate material, organise the layout of articles and photographs, and create a layout that is in line with the client's style and image.

Once the customised edition has been created, the magazine will be printed in high quality and distributed through our network's distribution channels, ensuring maximum visibility for the buyer's content.

Our service offers a complete solution for the promotion of the work of photography studios and fashion agencies, enabling them to reach a wide audience through a high-level communication channel.Our services include:

Paid services Digital/print EVE Magazine:

Exclusive: front cover/interview and photo inside editorial

Premium: back cover/interview and photo inside

Customised Magazine with applicant's logo + EVE branding

Digital cover Brand EVE

Free Submisson standard 

 photo project inside EVE Magazine