Mauro Racanati

The Actor who believe in Hard Work

Mauro Racanati is a very talented Italian actor who has worked in numerous successful film and television projects in Italy. With a degree in Literature, he has always had a passion for acting from an early age. He trained in theatre at the Centro teatrale Santacristina Luca Ronconi with masters Massimo Popolizio, Alessio Romano Massimo De Francovich, Maria Consagra and Fausto Russo Alesi. He also joined the Ecole des Maitres directed by Ricci/Forte. 

For the past two years, Mauro has been one of the main protagonists of the TV series 'Un posto al sole' and will soon be on air in 'Il patriarca' directed by Claudio Amendola and 'I leoni di sicilia' directed by Paolo Genovese produced by Disney. In addition, Recanati has worked in film and TV with Giuseppe Piccioni, Luca Miniero, Riccardo Milani, and Ricky Tognazzi.In an interview, Mauro spoke about his passion for acting and his approach to working in show business. Racanati stated that there is no magic formula to become a successful actor, but that assiduous practice and hard work are essential to grow professionally.

According to Mauro, the Italian film industry is quite 'conservative' and lacks a middle ground that allows up-and-coming actors to step up their game. He emphasised the importance of practice and the relationship with colleagues and the scene in order to be successful in acting. When asked about his favourite technique to get into the role of a character, Racanati said that he does not use specific techniques, but bases his work on his relationship with his colleagues and the scene. He explained that for him acting means being together and feeling to make people feel.

Finally, Mauro Racanati spoke about his future plans in show business. Next year he will be in the second season of I leoni di Sicilia in the role of Francesco Crispi for Disney. He also mentioned his passion for judo, which he practised for 20 years at a competitive level.

In conclusion, Mauro Recanati is an actor who has dedicated his life to acting, passing through many significant experiences in both film and television. He has worked with big names in the industry and continues to enrich himself as an artist, demonstrating a great passion for his work. Mauro believes that success in acting is based on hard work and the ability to choose the right scripts. Moreover, his advice for those who want to pursue such a career is not to compare themselves to others, but to focus on their own path and value every experience as an opportunity for growth. With his talent and dedication, Mauro Recanati is undoubtedly a great example for young actors seeking to realise their dreams in show business.