Camilla Romano


I am Camilla, an Italian girl from Brescia. I am currently 23 years old and reside in Milan. My passion lieswithin the world of art and creativity, which has led me to pursue a career as a graphic designer.Additionally, my love for photography has been a lifelong interest that started at a young age.


This project titled "Freedom" is very important to me as it represents my personal journey during the COVID-19 quarantine in Italy. After several months of being confined to my home, | felt an overwhelming need to express the freedom | felt once | was able to venture outdoors again. As a result, | organized a photoshoot with my friend Giulia in the fields near my home, with a specific style in mind. | also took care of the stylistic andmakeup aspects, aiming for a natural and purelook.

These photos symbolize a sense of restart and rebirth that | experienced, and | believe this concept is especially relevant considering the ongoing pandemic. The photos were taken on a sunny Sunday afternoon in May 2020, usingnatural light to capture the essence of the moment.